Current Turtlerock Greentech Projects
Turtlerock comprises an integrated team of executive entrepreneurs, leading technical and business advisors with deep domain expertise, and multi-disciplinary associates.


Alloy Foam Systems

Alloy Foam Systems LLC (was established in 2006 as a result of a corporate consulting engagement, and is now incorporated into Turtlerock Greentech. Alloy Foam Systems led the North American market development of a new catalyst substrate for emissions control for diesel vehicles. In 2009, Turtlerock orchestrated a joint development project between nanomaterial experts at the University of Michigan and the Fraunhofer Institute to pursue the application of Alloy Foam in supercapacitors.

Turtlerock’s role in this project is global commercialization and supply chain strategy development. Turtlerock is also actively exploring other potential energy markets for commercialization of Alloy Foam materials, including fuel cells and hydrogen reformers.


Turtlerock Fund /
Sustainable Leadership Academy

Turtlerock Greentech is committed to doing well and doing good. We will create value and also invest in our local communities through Turtlerock Fund, a non-profit organization which is currently being organized.

Turtlerock Fund’s goal is to spur the transformation to a global sustainable economy through sustainable leadership development. Through education and experiential learning programs that integrate the principles of stewardship, sustainability, and entrepreneurship, we strive to equip individuals to become authentic leaders who create change for a better world.


Li-ion Battery Materials

Turtlerock Greentech is currently providing strategic support to Toda America Inc. , the U.S. affiliate of Toda Kogyo Corp, to establish operations in the U.S. Turtlerock helped Toda win a $35 million grant from the Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory for “Recovery Act - Electric Drive Vehicle Battery and Component Manufacturing Initiative.” Assisting this leading global supplier of critical Li-ion cathode materials, Turtlerock is actively participating in the acceleration of the development of the U.S. lithium-ion battery industry.


Hydro-kinetic Power

Turtlerock Greentech is working with an innovative platform technology leader in continuous variable transmissions to create scalable systems for hydro-kinetic power applications. In this project, Turtlerock will collaborate with the IP source partner to accelerate product development and create a commercialization pathway.

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