About Turtlerock Greentech
Turtlerock Greentech LLC is a venture development company that partners with IP sources and clients to advance green platform technologies. We are a for-profit company with a heart for public service.



In 2001, Turtlerock Group LLC was founded to provide strategic consulting and commercialization services to support growth-minded corporations and emerging ventures pursuing innovation and new market development.

Building on this consulting and business development foundation, Turtlerock Greentech LLC was established in 2009 as a highly focused greentech development company. Alloy Foam was Turtlerock’s first portfolio technology, and is a good example of our venture development model. Turtlerock concentrates on platform technologies that are extensively incubated, ready for commercialization, and demonstrate the potential to become category leaders.

Turtlerock’s team of executive entrepreneurs, research and product development experts, and manufacturing partners, together supplies the company with exceptional platform technologies and commercializationresources.



We are firm believers that we can create economic value and do so sustainably. Three core values propel us as our central driving force:

Respect – We are outward-focused, valuing and including a diversity of opinion and life experiences.

Ingenuity – We embrace the power of ideas and seek to create, innovate, and transform.

Stewardship – We are committed to integrity and responsibility, individually and collectively.

We strive for new business creation as well as public benefit. Planning is under way for Turtlerock Fund, a social venture fund devoted to sustainable leadership development. We, along with our partners, will actively support this public service initiative financially and with our time and talent.

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