Turtlerock comprises an integrated team of executive entrepreneurs, leading technical and business advisors with deep domain expertise, and multi-disciplinary associates.



Turtlerock’s board of directors and staff is an interdisciplinary team, bringing a unique blend of insight, passion, and entrepreneurial spirit to solving tough business challenges, along with skilled integration of marketing and product development with which to rapidly drive opportunity and value creation.

David Han, President & CEO
David Han is founder of Turtlerock Greentech LLC, a venture development and consulting company specializing in renewable energy technologies. He leads the overall strategic development and operations of the company. Since 2001, David has been Managing Principal of Turtlerock Group LLC, a consulting firm focused on technology marketing and commercialization. David’s work focuses on the intersection of automotive, energy technology, and advanced materials spaces – with emphasis on rapid value creation through collaborative innovation and market development. Recent experience includes the launch of a battery-based auxiliary power systems venture, strategic support for automotive and environmental technologies, and development and commercialization of advanced materials for energy and environmental applications. David co-founded Alloy Foam Systems LLC in 2006, leading the market development of a new catalyst substrate for emissions control.

David Han’s management experience includes Vice President of Strategic Marketing for Flowserve, Director of Global Marketing and Business Development for Visteon, and Global Product Director at Whirlpool. David is a graduate of the University of Michigan with an MBA and BA in Economics.

David Doster, Member, Board of Directors
and Technology Advisory Board

David Doster is a principal and Board Member of Turtlerock Greentech LLC, and presently leads Cerion LLC as President and CEO. Cerion is a half billion dollar automotive manufacturing company being built through a rapid acquisition strategy as part of privately held Revstone Industries. Target companies include asset-intensive metal casting, machining, fabrication and assembly processes. Previously, as principal of a specialty consulting group, Dave led a select team of engineering and marketing professionals who guided new technology introductions to automotive and related industries. Projects included new products in emission control, electronics, and chemistry, where unique intellectual property afforded a strategic approach as a highvalue solution.

David Doster’s automotive career started with more than 25 years of crossfunctional responsibility in Ford’s automotive parts manufacturing divisions. At the spin-off of Visteon, David was responsible for creating Visteon’s Global Marketing Sales & Service group to interface with Ford worldwide, with over $16 billion in sales. Earlier, David led the team that established in Korea what has become Ford’s most successful joint venture to design and manufacture climate control systems globally. David earned an MBA from the University of Michigan and engineering degree from Purdue University.


Professionals and Associates

Turtlerock comprises an integrated team of executive entrepreneurs, leading
technical and business professionals with deep domain expertise, and multidisciplinary associates. Deeply experienced technical, legal, business, and public service professionals are attracted to Turtlerock Greentech by the unique opportunities to quickly implement new technology ventures, while making direct positive contributions to society.

Turtlerock’s Associates contribute to the diversity of our team, with experiences from the business, industrial, and public sectors, particularly in environmental management. As MBA and MS dual-degree candidates at the University Michigan’s Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise, they are trained multi-party stakeholder engagement and sustainability analysis.


Technology Advisors

Turtlerock has assembled some of the world’s leading experts in the greentech field. Turtlerock’s integrated team of advisors has a strong record of identifying, developing, and vetting platform technologies with applications in the sustainable transportation and renewable energy spaces. This team serves as an invaluable resource in consulting and commercialization.


Product Development and
Manufacturing Partners

Turtlerock’s partners have the resources and expertise to drive the next generation of major green technology development and commercialization. They have significant product development and manufacturing facilities and commercialization capabilities.

Turtlerock manufacturing member-partners include multi-billion dollar and medium-size privately owned companies with core businesses in multiple manufacturing disciplines. They supply the automotive, aerospace, energy, and industrial manufacturing sectors.


Research Alliances

Turtlerock’s research alliances comprise a diverse set of leading research universities and multi-national science and technology institutes. They collaborate with Turtlerock on the latest research of green technologies and provide a valuable backbone of technical expertise..

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